Work In China Scam WIth Angelina's ESL Cafe

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Work In China Scam WIth Angelina's ESL Cafe

Beware all! If you are invited to work in China as a foreign teacher by Angelina's ESL Cafe you will not get the job you were promised. Instead you will will find that you came to China with the wrong visa and if you don't do exactly as they tell you, you will be thrown out of the country (deported)

Angelina is not the only agency using this scheme but they are one of the biggest and one of the oldest. Just like China ESL and China-Tesol, they need to be avoided like a vampire with AIDS. Read for yourself and keep in mind that most all of the worst posts about them have been deleted by "ORM"s - Online Reputation Managers (hackers who delete all the stuff said by victims and unsatisfied customers);read=10656

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Changes to ESLwatch

Hi All,
ESLwatch has made massive changes to the site since this was posted, reviews have been posted about Angelina's ESL Cafe, we have also added a forum, so pop in and take a look. if aloowed if not use the link above.

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