Verification information

Scared that all you have to go on is a website you stumbled upon and emails from a person you don’t know based in country half way around the world??

Worried that as soon as you’ve paid your deposit you will never hear from them again??

The internet is a faceless world so we are doing what we can to help!

At Abroad Reviews, we recognise that choosing a volunteer or study abroad program requires a big leap of faith so we have taken the step of offering a verification service for programs listed on the Abroad Reviews website.

This is all designed to help give you extra comfort when embarking of what we hope, and we’re sure that you do as well, will be a trip of a lifetime!

There are three levels of verification at Abroad Reviews: 

Business Registration submitted to Abroad Reviews to provide the most basic level of comfort the program actually does exist!
Working Email Address and Phone Number tested by Abroad Reviews so that you know there are living and breathing people behind those fancy websites!
At least one review on Abroad Reviews from a legitimate participant that gives you comfort that they are actually doing what they say they are doing!
Companies have their verification status reviewed annually so you can be sure that if things change for the worst we will no longer list them as verified!

While we would love to be able to guarantee you’ll have a great trip, obviously, Abroad Reviews does not endorse any program nor organization listed on our website. Abroad Reviews verification bears no responsibility for the outcome of any program or position. We do NOT verify the admission or hiring practice of any program provider or employer within the Abroad Reviews website. Students and participants should research their prospective programs thoroughly before participating – we know this is all common sense but the lawyers make us say it!

Good luck and hope you have a great adventure!

The Abroad Reviews Team