Warning: Unity in Diversity Foundation (UDF) Tanzania

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Warning: Unity in Diversity Foundation (UDF) Tanzania

The Unity in Diversity Foundation, located in a rural village 40 minutes outside Mbeya, Tanzania is an NGO that is consistently offering volunteer opportunities, but I advise to think twice before moving there.

The NGO is quite corrupt in that they (meaning the sole employee, Herman Longo) exploit people and organizations into giving them goods and funds that they use for their own purposes. For example, donation clothes (intended for orphans in the community) and food (for those with HIV/AIDS) go to his family or are sold for profit. Further, he is selling donation books and wheelchairs to needy people, schools, and churches for personal profit and behind the backs of the donors.

The organization also has a history of "employing" child domestic workers at his home (where prospective volunteers would stay). Most recently, he had two young girls-- 10 and 13-- living next to the home in a small hut and working nearly 16 hours a day with no pay and no schooling.

The nursery school that is advertised as needing a teacher is simply a couple of classrooms that are beautifully painted, but offer no instruction whatsoever. UDF collects school fees from impoverished families, but the students simply sit outside the school and play in the dirt. The only local teacher spends her day doing laundry at the NGO house and maybe teaching for 12 minutes each day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that aside from the nursery school, the NGO has no projects whatsoever. They take credit for the work of other local and international NGOs for which they provide minimal administrative support and pass the work off as their own.

If heading that way, be aware.

Check out the website, riddled with lies, here: [www.udf.or.tz]