Warning - Resume And Fake Jobs Scam At Echinacities Target Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers

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Warning - Resume And Fake Jobs Scam At Echinacities Target Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers

I am writing this as a "better late than never" warning to everyone who may be wanting to teach in China. Yeah, it is a cool and fun place to work, BUT do not send your resume to Echinacities.com or you may be become a victim of identity theft, and you WILL get tons of spam emails and telephone calls for 10-14 days.

Lots of teachers get credit card bills for stuff they never bought and although they eventually clear themselves they have to hire expensive lawyers to do it and they never realize that the mess started with a single resume they sent to Echinacities months ago.

Echinacities.com is owned by a Chinese guy named George Xu who is a member of the communist party and has dual citizenship in China and Canada. He was outed by a former employee as a shady guy who willfully and eagerly accepts money from anyone to put ads on his websites - even from known scams and unlicensed schools and agents who have track records of cheating foreigners. Recently it was discovered by a PI that ECC was selling resumes to many third parties including identity thieves. Here is where you can read all the details:



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Echinacities is not a place to send your resume - Scam China Job
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