Warning! OnlineTEFL.com is a clever scam!

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Warning! OnlineTEFL.com is a clever scam!

OnlineTEFL.com is a shady scam to say the least but their spamming marketing department is very good at hiding all the negatives and there are many explained here at http://ChinaFraudPatrol.blogspot.co.uk. Don't send these fraudsters a single dime until you visit this site. Do not believe their lies like those below...

1) WIthout a TEFL cerificate you cannot teachi n China (utter nonsense)
2) They offer "paid internships" after you get your TEFL certificate
3) You can learn how to teach with only a 2 day on-line course

Their "paid Internship" program is really a placement service but because they take 50% of your salary as a fee they never tell you about, they have to say the job is an "internship" since you are working for half-price. Others who take the same position are collecting full salary!

This place is herds victims like cattle through their fraudulent operation and anyone who asks to many questions is simply not good for business! Also note that they own and operate three of their own online "TEFL REVIEW" sites where they of course are always "the best". OnlineTEFL.com is a very well-disguised scam friends.

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Fraud Alert - OnlineTEFL.com is a scam for sure...

Yes Lee, I agree with you and after reading the Kenneth Beare "review" (advertisment) I see how these shysters fabricate their own false credibility. They also have hackers hard at work deleting all the negative posts that were once at teflnet.com, teflworld.com, yahoo answers, etc. Here are two that I just found this morning... http://eslwatch.info/china-2/scams-or-schemes-in-china/8415-red-alert-on... and http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/onlinetefl-com-and-other...

Amazing these scammers do not even attempt to deny the accusations made against them about their "paid internship" program or how they tell people they "must have a TEFL certificate to work in a foreign country". What a pile of BS they represent. But their scam appears to be working well. Just look at how they have spammed their website all over the internet.

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Kenneth Beare is a Shameless Shill For OnlineTefl.com!

I read the "review" that Judy mentioned and without a doubt that guy Ken is bought and paid for and look at all those 5 star ratings that just popped up in the last few days! My goodness - so many satisfied customers? For a more realistic and balanced evluation, people may want to visit this link I just read this morning after I did a thorough Google search on these scoundrels: http://internationalteflreviews.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/beware-onlinete...

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I-To-I Is also the same Scam As OnLineTEFL.com

Q: Why would the same con artists use different names to operate the same Scam?

A: So if one gets busted or exposed they can keep ripping people off without losing income!

This two links explain:



And this link shows that this greedy gang has been blacklisted since 2007!


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2018 Scam Update: i-to-i & OnlineTefl.com still cheating teacher
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TEFLOnline.com and i-t-i TEFL are blatant scams
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