Warning! Foreign HR in Beijng is China TEFL Job Scam now owned by Rosie & Rebecca Tang

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Warning! Foreign HR in Beijng is China TEFL Job Scam now owned by Rosie & Rebecca Tang

Most people know Rebecca Tang as the notorious scam artist whose China ESL company got more than 1,000 expat teachers arrested and deported for working without Z visas between 2012-1014. Then she was arrested, pleaded guilty to fraud, skimming, and extortion and because she cooperated with the PSB (giving them her client list) she spent only one year in jail.

After being released in 2016, Rebecca changed her fake Chinglish name to Rosie Tang, cut her long black hair and dyed it brown and started dressing like a librarian instead of like a hooker. She moved her office from Haidian District (Xidan) to Chaoyang and pretended to be someone else until one of ex employees who was cheated out of 60,000 exposed her masquerade,

She recently purchased ownership in Foreign HR which was started by Eric Liu in 2012 and had a fairly decent reputation, something Rebecca/Rosie never hand. But now that Rosie is the CEO she is back to her old bullshit of put teachers to work illegally, selling fake diplomas, and generally lying through her teeth to trick and trap new teachers into coming to China to work for the worst employers possible - those that are not even authorized by the government to teach, nor hire foreign employees.

She was recently arrested again along with Brett Van Ze**er for selling fake documents in a sting operation. More info about Foreign HR and its new CEO Rosie Tang can be found at Reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral, here at scam.com https://scam.com/showthread.php?704467-UPDATED-China-Liars-List-ESL-TEFL... (see page 14) and her photo is posted here with statements of some of her many many victims: http://opnlttr.com/letter/china-foreign-teachers-union-offers-1000-rmb-r...

Please warn your friends and colleagues to avoid FOREIGN HR and all the other companies owned and controlled by Rosie Tang and her gang of foreign "partners" including Eric Winder, David Valley, Derrick Yazwa, and Nikki Pedrag:

* China ESL

* ForeignExpats.com

* BeijingTeach.com

* Foreign HR

* East-West Education

* Golden Bridge ESL

* New Life ESL (with Derrick Yazwa)

* Golden Bridge English

* New World Education

* Golden Bridge Education

* Wan Jia Education (with Nikic Pedrag)

* Golden Bridge Visa

As you can see this is one busy and devious woman. By the time you read this she will sure be creating some new aliases to full us all. That is why it is a good idea to check this link regularly to keep abreast of her criminal exploits http://reddit.com/r/tefl_tips_traps_scams. Stay safe all and remember to warn your friends by sending them this link.