Is volunteering with IHF in Bali for me?

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Is volunteering with IHF in Bali for me?

My name is Dominika Porubska (24), originally from Slovakia, since February 2014 working as a volunteer in the International Humanity Foundation education center in Bali.

The half of my volunteering period is over and with it also the feeling of being new in the center. I got familiar with the other volunteers, children and the schedule. Every day except Sunday, my time is splitted into teaching English and Computer classes, playing with children, preparing the special projects and fulfilling online tasks under four teams (fundraising, recruitment, media and university relations). Some days are therefore quiet exhausting. On the other hand, it is my most rewarding job where I am daily paid by the children smiles and words of thanks. It is incomparable to money.
And I just discovered another positive side of these “fully packed” days: even my birthday is coming there is no time for homesickness :)

But as in every job, also here I need free time which I highly appreciate. Sundays are only mine and during them I can explore beauties of the “Island of Gods”. Picturesque white sand beaches, hidden secrets of the North Bali and never-ending talks to the locals who are constantly in a good mood.

If you like children, your English is fluent and you want to know more about NGO from inside, the volunteering in IHF might be exactly for you!