Volunteer experience and safety in Peru

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Volunteer experience and safety in Peru

My daughter is about to leave with Global Crossroads for two Peru experiences. One a conservation project in the Amazon Rainforest, and two to help in an orphanage in Cusco. Any cautions, I am concerned for her safety and in reading the reviews of some other experiences that she will be provided with enough support.

Thank you, Lynn

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Re: Volunteer experience and safety in Peru

I'm considering going to Peru to volunteer with my son. Did you get any feedback, or did you learn anything from your daughter to share here?
I'm having trouble figuring out what the difference is between the various organizations.

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hi! Perù can be safe or not,

hi! Perù can be safe or not, Cuzco is safe and with a lot of interesting attraction nearby. here there are a lot of proget, most of theme about social or medical concern. if it can help you, check with Proyecto Peru to have an idea; it's sure they provide host family accomodation.

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Safety in Peru

Hi there!

I recently spent 5 weeks in Peru, mostly in Lima and Huancayo, and I can say there was not a single moment when I felt like I was in any danger. Although I did not go to Cusco, several friends of mine did, and they all raved about what a wonderful city it is. Although I have heard from other travelers that the northern city of Trujillo is a bit rougher and more sketchy.

Honestly though, I think that the most important thing is that your daughter be aware of her surroundings at all times, I.e. don't play the part of the lost and confused tourist. If you present yourself as an easy target, someone is bound to take advantage of that, no matter what country you're in. This is especially true when flashing around expensive cameras, phones, etc. Pickpockets are not uncommon, but as long as you take care of your valuables, you should be fine.

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Volunteer experience and safety in Peru

Volunteering in Peru is a great opportunity to learn about this amazing culture. Despite the popularity of Peru as a tourist destination, much of the population still lives in poverty, especially in rural areas.

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