Volunteer in East Africa - Tanzania?

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Volunteer in East Africa - Tanzania?

I was in Kenya recently volunteering with IVHQ (I have reviewed the experience on this site if you're interested). I now want to visit some other places in East Africa and volunteer. I am having Africa withdrawals. I was planning on Tanzania with IVHQ but have heard the work permit in Tanzania is going up to $500. Any other recommendations for locations in Africa? Why has Tanzania Immigration started charging this? It seems greedy!

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volunteer in Tanzania

I am glad that someone talked about the current true figure as per the Government of Tanzania for a volunteer to legally "work" there.
Most volunteer organizations do not want to put this charge by the Tanzania Government in black and white in their web sites for the obvious reason. Tanzania is a very attractive volunteer destination. Most volunteers will not be willing or able to pay $500 to volunteer.
The consequences for lacking of this information lands the volunteers in big trouble when they have to adjust their budgets to comply or quit their programs.

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The official announcement of
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