Uni Students Beware Of CUCAS China Study Abroad Fraud!

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Uni Students Beware Of CUCAS China Study Abroad Fraud!

This is a Chinese-owned company that is hooking a lot of students who take their bait that they are part of the Chinese government and work for free! It is absolutely a lie as you can see at this link that just came out from China Scam Patrol and older complaints from CUCAS clients.


They use a 3rd party company to collect their money (Beijing ChiWest) which is owned by the same Zheng family that owns CUCAS. The CUCAS scam charges double what other legitimate companies charge and if you are not lazy you can even do the paperwork yourself and save between $1,000 to $3,000. Just read the link above and you will understand why this group of Chinese con artists need to be avoided like a hooker with AIDS.

Unfortunately their website is glitzy and convincing and the phony edu.cn addresses fools everyone. My sister went to their office last year for an interview,and she says it is definitely not a government office. Then she was called every other day by CUCAS sales people who would not take "no" for an answer. She finally had to block their number.

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CUCAS Is A China Scam - Fraud Victims In The Hundreds

You will not find a slicker scam than the China CUCAS scam. Just read this and to be honest this shyster makes Bernie Madoff look like an amatuer:



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The truth
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