Travel tips

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Travel tips

when u plan to go anywhere remember few things.

1 complete map chat where you go.
2 aware from travel agent
3 know about their culture
4 knowledge of their language
5 list of all visiting places.

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Travel Tips

To add to above tips is that also don't forget to take your credit cards.

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yep and let your bank know

yep and let your bank know you are going abroad. My Wells Fargo card was blocked when I first arrived abroad and no, I didn't have any other cards or cash and yes, it seems funny now but no, it wasn't then :)

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The basic thing is aware from

The basic thing is aware from travel agent. If you are hiring an agent then clear all the terms and conditions. Prepare travel plan and prepare for airport rules. Knowledge of other languages will add an advantage while traveling. Carry plastic money instead paper money.

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Travel tips

Thanks for useful tips.

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I think the key themes boil down to how we talk to ourselves, how we respond to things, how we make meaning, who we spend time with, and how we make the most of what we’ve got.

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