Scam Warnng: Beijing Teach & are same Rosie Tang China TEFL Job Frauds

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Scam Warnng: Beijing Teach & are same Rosie Tang China TEFL Job Frauds

This appears to be the largest TEFL scam in history friends and this crime network is run by one 33 year old Chinese woman who is not only a convicted felon but a moderator at Reddit's Teachers sub. She uses three different names and none of them are real. For the 2,000+ victims of 2007-2012,she is known as Rebecca Tang.

After she was released from jail in 2016, she changed her name to Rosie Tang, and at Reddit she is user Phantomandarose as she quickly deletes and bans any users who try to post warnings like this one here about here and her 11 different company alias names and 5 different websites:

She recruits foreign teachers to come work in China based on lies and false promises and even promises "free housing" and the chance to earn 7,000 a month teaching English in China. Only after you arrive and you are dumb enough to give her your passport for processing do you start realizing the truth. This woman will enslave you and take 50% of your salary and you cannot even call the police because she got you the wrong visa on purpose so if you have any contact with the cops you will be arrested and deported. Read what the victims wrote at the above link and at and at


China ESL aka aka Foreign Expats aka Beijing Teach

East-West Education aka

Golden Bridge ESL

NewLifeESL aka New Life ESL

New World ESL

Wan Jia Education

Golden Bridge English

Golden Bridge Visa

Golden Bridge Education

Her photos and those of her accomplices Eric Winder, David Valley, Art Ward, Nikic Pedrag aka "Nikki" and Derrick Yazwa are at the above link and and more details about their abuseof teachers is found on Reddit at HELP EXPOSE THIS CAREER CRIMINAL BEFORE MORE VICTIMS ACCUMULATE! This is her photo below...