Scam Alert! is same TEFL Job Fraud as and

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Scam Alert! is same TEFL Job Fraud as and

All the same scams but only with a new name. They have caused over 300 foreign teachers to get arrested, fined, jailed, and deported since 2015 by sending unqualified "teachers" including convicted felons with fake diplomas, and the wrong visas. They force people to take their own shitty TEFL course in order to get a "high paying teaching position" in the country of your choice. But after you arrive you will get the shock of your life when you find out one or more of the following;

1) You were hired on a 90 probationary period at half salary

2) The principal requires you to work as an intern for 6 months at half salary after
she asks to hold your passport (ostensibly required by law but total BS)

3) Your free furnished apartment comes with 3 roommates and 2 are chain

4) That TEFL certificate they gave you is only recognized in third world countries

5) You were hired as a "Part Time" employee (one hour per week less than full-
time) so you don't get overtime, medical insurance, or paid vacations.

6) You have no fixed schedule and are on call to fill in for other hung-over teachers
even worse they give you split shifts so your free time is only from 12 noon to
4pm every day.

To learn about their many other deceptions, unethical games, and exploitation of their own customers go see or, or or any of these specific links
that prove they have been professional cheaters for almost 15 years with the same owner in the U.K.. They will surely change their name yet again. Watch and see.