Scam Alert! China Foreign Teacher Contract Fraud...

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Scam Alert! China Foreign Teacher Contract Fraud...

If you decide to work in China make damn sure your read your contract line by line in English and understand every word, phrase, and clause. Most employment contracts in China are one-way streets that force expat teachers to forfeit their employee rights. You do not have to hire a lawyer to protect yourself. Just add these six clauses to your contract and you will make it difficult for your employer to take advantage of you...

* Party B does not under any circumstances waive his/her employee rights and labor board protections, and retains the right to seek legal remedies in the courts of China.

* Party B shall not be compelled to do any non-teaching work for Party A.

* Party B shall be compensated for all overtime hours worked in accordance with central and provincial laws.

* Party B shall not be compelled to provide testimonials or his/her image for any public display purposes by Party A.

* Upon termination for any cause, Party A will provide Party B a release letter within 10 consecutive days of termination, at no cost.

* Existing lesson plans, teaching materials, and ppts of Party B are proprietary and may not be copied nor used without express written consent.

* Party B agrees to work exclusively at one campus located at __________ for Party A.

* Party B is not liable for any fines nor other penalties if this employment agreement is breached by Party A.

Don't let anyone bully or pressure you into signing a contract you don't like or understand. For more tips like the above, see