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Openmind Projects??

Hi there, i've come across a volunteer organisation called Openmind Projects which i'm thinking of going through. Has anyone come across them or volunteered with them? they do work in thailand, cambodia, laos.
i just don't see much around on them. this is their site -

i should also mention that this is my first time looking at volunteering.

any info would be great. thanks

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Openmind Projects


My friend and I did a placement with Openmind Projects in December 2012, teaching English at a School for Burmese Migrants and Refugees and would highly recommend them!
We too found choosing a volunteering organisation a daunting process but I'm really glad we went with OMP in the end. The main reasons for choosing; they were the cheapest (most other organisations required you to pay a substantial donation, which is ok unless you are a student on a budget), they offered free training (see below), lots of placement options and support!!
I would strongly recommend their 3.5 day Volunteer and Cross-Cultural Training, particularly if you have never volunteered overseas before (even if it means an additional 20 hours on a train and bus to get there!). It goes over the do’s and don’ts of Thai culture and basic language training (in Thai and other languages you will need on your placement depending on where you go) and teaching (ESL, lesson plans etc.). It's lots of fun and you meet loads of other amazing volunteers and trainers too.

This was my first time volunteering overseas and first time in a non-English speaking country.

Hope this helps! I’m very happy to discuss anything further.


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hi, I am thinking of

hi, I am thinking of volunteering with openmind projects in thailand also and was just looking through some reviews and came across yours. Did you end up volunteering with the organization if so what was your experience like?
Georgie :)

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