Really a very poorly put together program. I had another child go on an API study program and was thrilled to see they had taken over an intern abroad company-until using said company.
It was obvious my daughter was being looked after by her program administrator, whom was very kind and helpful, but not by the woman in charge of the company. The woman in charge consistently gave misleading and contradicting information to my daughter and I, frustrating both of us. Many of the promises made by her were not fulfilled and it seems like my daughter is not the only one to have this disappointment based on other reviews seen on this site. Her program administrator apologized many times and we could tell it was no fault of hers, but of her management and those above her.
It's unfortunate that API would let such a poorly run program ruin their good name. I will not allow those I know to go on either an API or Cultural Embrace by API program, due to the inexcusable negligence in the leadership at CE by API. I have to say I was surprised to be so disappointed by this API program and am writing this only as a warning to other parents; choose another company.



We're sorry to hear about your daughter's negative experience abroad, and we'd like to know where your daughter went so that we may remedy any issues for future participants. I welcome you to contact me, as I am the one referenced as giving 'misleading and contradicting information' to you and your daughter. Please accept my apologies, as our goal is to be sure that our participants have a safe and positive experience abroad. We also do our best to manage the expectations of our participants, in order to ensure that their placement is a mutually beneficial one that meets both the needs and availabilities of the host community and employers (if an internship). Please feel free to contact me on my direct line (+1.512.600.8909), as I would like to hear and discuss the issues your daughter encountered and how they might be avoided in the future. We're happy to hear that your child enjoyed their study abroad experience with API. With your help, we hope to improve our services and meet the expectations of future participants, since CE placements are much more independent in nature than study abroad placements. Thanks, Emlyn