I looked for a program that I could take my two children, ages 7 and 13, to volunteer in another country. After doing a lot of research, I found Projects Abroad and ended up working in an orphanage in Bolivia. It was important to me to have my children actively participate. From the moment we arrived, we were well taken care of by the Projects Abroad staff and placed with a host family that generously accommodated me and my family with their hospitality and home. Working in the orphanage was an incredible experience, one that neither me or my children will ever forget. I highly recommend this organization. There was a lot of pre planning that went into the process of going to Bolivia and Projects Abroad answered every question and guided us through each step. We were made to feel safe and felt if any problems should arise we could contact them at any time of day. Fortunately the program is very well run and we had no issues. I am hoping to do a lot more volunteering abroad and am relieved to have a lot of the leg work already done. It is scary to trust that an organization is reliable and responsible, but rest assured that is what we found. Lastly, this may or may not be within your budget. Students are often limited with funds, and wonder why they need to pay for volunteering. However, don't forget that food and shelter are covered, and you absolutely do need a well run office in case of sickness or the unexpected occurring. That was important to me having my two children, and probably important to a lot of parents sending their kids down to volunteer in another country. It was well worth it.



Lastly, this may or may not be within your budget. I´ve did a project in an orphanage in Bolivia with Bolivia Volunteers. They charged me US$750. Projects Abroad wanted US$2895 for EXACTLY the same deal. Accommodation, food,project,local 24/7 support. BIG DIFFERENCE !