Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this program. They're going to tell you that this isn't a real review and that they've already evaluated all those leaving posts, but let me tell you that I'm a real person with a real problem with Expanish.

1. If you want to learn Spanish in an effective way don't come through Expanish. They will make you feel like a tourist and you will definitely stay that way. You will be surrounded by a bunch of non Argentines and you will hear a lot of English. If you want to meet real Portenos, Expanish is quite counter productive.

2. They will rip you off! Stay clear. Although many of their extra curricular activities are free, you will have to pay a lot more for the rest. And they will not make it clear the true cost. They will say something at first, and you will end up paying much more in the end. Don't let them lie to you or trick you! Do your own research because Expanish is going to over charge you.

3. The workers at Expanish are often lazy. If you ask them for something they will usually respond with a default No. You need to bug them and bug them if you want anything to get done.

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Hi Kvn909, We are extremely sorry to hear you have had a bad experience here at Expanish. We take a number of steps to ensure all our students are happy with the service they get from us. Including... 1. First week review for all students, to flag up any problems in the first week 2. Academic director and operations director on hand to deal with queries and complaints if needed 3. End of course review to get feedback on the service provided I'm sorry this process didnt work for you, and we'd really appreciate it if you could get in touch with us directly to discuss the problem so they dont happen again. emailing us I'd also like to add that the staff here are far from lazy, and as the vast majority of our students would attest we work very hard to ensure our students have an enjoyable and rewarding time here. Regards Expanish