I became very ill during my first week of a 2-week session, and emailed both the director, Paula, and the guy who had "sold" me on signing up with Expanish, Murphy. I asked them if I could start my 2 weeks the following week (since I had attended Monday and then woke up Tuesday morning with a throat infection and earache). I did not get a response until Thursday telling me there was nothing they could do and they could not change my schedule. Basically I had lost two days of paid-for classes.
Murphy had been so helpful and encouraging WHILE I was considering Expanish. It's obvious he is a marketer. Really they just wanted my $304 for my 2-week session. All seemed cool on my first day, Monday, which was orientation day. But when i actually needed their help, they were seriously inflexible and unaccommodating.
There are tons of language schools in BA. Do your research and ask what the policy is if you can't make it to school due to illness or an accident. Since they are all in competition, I would suggest going to the school with the most flexible policies. I have lost money because I had the flu. I have never had such a bad experience with a language school.

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This is why you should buy travel insurance, to cover you for unexpected problems and sickness. Seems to me that classes are paid for, staff arranged and schedules made in advance, and last minute changes are hardly possible, however I never travel without insurance...a wide of advice to all.