My time in Kenya has taught me some very valuable life lessons and I have returned home with a different perspective on life. There are so many people in this world that are less fortunate yet somehow they wake up everyday with a smile on their face and a heart full of kindness and optimism. I know my contributions have helped improve many lives and that is a feeling that is indescribable. I am confident that this has truly been the most valuable life lesson I will ever endure and I will forever hold a very special place for Kenyans in my heart.



I'm surprised to read the comments below. I posted this review, and traveled to Kenya with ABV along with my friend Emily. If anyone has questions about my feedback, you can email me or contact ABV for my reference.
give me a break. almost all of these reviews appear to be written by the same person. when you really look at the style and the phrasing, it is very clear that this is just a person at the company making these posts up. that was my biggest concern about using this website to vet my choices. i've had my antennas up for this kind of thing, as I imagine it is hard to stop, but this one shines through as plain lying. for example, note how the usage of parenthetical statements is repeated by several reviewers that have different names. search for the word "amazing" and you will be amazed! search for the word "absolutely". notice how much praise is given for how hard ABV works. even the types of comments are clearly from a marketing person at ABV and not a real volunteer. i wish you could prevent these kinds of things from happening so people can trust your site more. please try to monitor these better.