GVN are simply in this to make money.... The Orphange El-Shaddai Hope Centre ( where I was placed) is run by corrupt and cruel people. I got not support from GVN when I raised the problems I had there nor did the children get ANY benefit from the huge amount of money I paid to GVN. The host family mum was a religious Zealot and we were subjected to sermons on TV from as early as 6am to 10pm each day...
I was given a list of things to do at the Orphanage yet when I got there the children were away six days a week , toys I took to play games with them after they returned were taken away and the Pastor said the kids can only play on Sundays after a five hour sermon... all the while VICDA the on the ground support group said they could do nothing except offer me to go somewhere else.... I couldnt leave these poor little children and for the rest of my stay I was treated poorly by the owners... I have asked GVN to look into my allegations and they have replied saying all was justified !!! What a sham !!! do not volunteer with GVN , they are simply no help what so ever.... the only people who benefit from our money paid to GVN are GVN and the VICDA staff..... look into other organisations or just go there your self as you will be welcomed by any of the DPC's or orphanages so long as you have money to give them...but dont hand over cash , purchase medicines and food etc and be sure they are used in your presence.
I am now seeking legal advice to sue GVN for misrepresentation....
God bless



Yes. I relate to your experience with GVN. They absolutely don't like to hear anything that is not overwhelmingly positive. Your experience sounds dreadful. It is truly horrible when you see abuse and feel helpless.