I taught class 3-4 times a day for sixty-minute intervals. I would wake up around 7:30, eat breakfast at a number of wonderful restaurants with some colleagues, and head back for 8 or 8:30 class. There would be lunch for 90 minutes in the middle of the day. Plenty of time to eat and sneak a nap in. Dinner was around 6:30 every day. The restaurants had huge variety and I can guarantee it will be heavenly to you if you’re a fan of Chinese food. Every class was quite crowded and had had at least 40 students in it. It sounds rough, but it was wonderful. The students were well-behaved and respectful. I always had the support of the faculty if there was any issue. I rarely gave homework – so the students loved me!
There were numerous other opportunities in Yanqing. I was approached a great deal of times about working as a private English tutor. You can make some pretty decent money doing this. Furthermore, I also eventually worked as a judge at the various English competitions throughout Yanqing. I was welcomed with open arms by the other judges. The students had never been judged by a foreigner from a West before. They were nervous – but wonderful!
My room, internet, food (all of it – and I ate a lot), traveling – were all paid for. We went on field trips every other week or so. We visited the beautiful Songshan Mountain, attended Museums, saw all the sites downtown Beijing had to offer, attended festivals (of which there were many).
Collectively, the experience was overwhelmingly rewarding. Leaving was one of the most bittersweet moments in my life. We had a huge farewell party and exchanged tears + hugs. Inquire with ELI and they can put you into contact with me if you have any specific questions about Yanqing. I could go on forever. I still talk to dozens of my students and friends there everyday. I cannot wait to go back



I'm thinking about volunteering in BeiJing with ELI. Do you happen to have any photos of your time there? If so, is there any chance you can post them up? I'd love to see what your experience was in China.