This Compnay over charges and does not pay any donations to the organaziation what so ever... The brothers from Nepal who own this company are only in it for the money.. they do not care about you as a participant.. although the countires you are wanting to go to all have a program coordinaotr that you can reach in the actuall country and they are less expensive and are there for the right reasons.... i would strongly recommend that you find someone else to help you with volunteering abroad....

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it seems me that all negative feedbacks in this web is written by this crazy guy. When I was in India and I witness that Global Crossroad paid significant amount of money to the project, which is 10 USD a day. I also witness their efficient and effective ground support, plus they have very secure home base, where I always feel safe. I also check record of Global Crossroad at BBB dallas and no negative report on BBB except one. This report is fake and just try to defame Global crossroad.