One of the best experiences I ever had. Its been a year now and I still miss being abroad. The staff was great, and made sure even the ones who were not very outgoing had a great time. Like I said a year has gone by and I still have many stories I havent told my friends and family. I still keep in contact with many of the Americans and Europeans I met and lived with over there. After going all I want to do is keep travelling. Wish I would have done this earlier in college, so Id have one more semester to study abroad. Anyway, Paris is definitely reccomended



My daughter is signed up for the CEA program in Pais this winter. She is concerned about the housing, it sounds as if housing can be below par. Did you find this to be true in Paris?
Did you find that CEA students had issues with their housing assignments? My friend and I signed up to room with each other. We are about to leave in 12 days and they sent the housing sheet out to find we are quite a ways apart. It seems as they they completely disregarded our roommate request. They are not being helpful or hopeful about resolving this issue. It seems like I'm pulling teeth. No one is responding to me and I've had to call multiple times before anyone actually takes my call!