Although most of these organizations are expensive, I think that GC is very. I paid for 12 weeks of teaching English in 2008 when I should have paid for 2 and then continued to pay my host family directly for the next 10 weeks. Your paying for a connection to a host family and insurance and that is all; there is no support. My host family found the schools for me to teach in because GC did not do it themselves. The schools didn't even know I was coming until the day I got there. The contact/coordinator in Ecuador could not help anyone who had problems. I was supposed to live in a house with a host family but ended up living with a host family plus 7 other volunteers. I was told I would be the only volunteer in the village. However, the trip was great. GC - Not reccommended.



my suggestion, pls talk with volunteers who have just returned. you can ask for reference as global crossroad seems working hard to offer affordable program for students and I also read many great feedbacks
Hello, I am supposed to be going to Ecuador with Global Crossroad this summer. Should I back out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please email me at Thanks!