My experiences with IVHQ were very positive, the staff were a pleasure to deal with and were happy to answer any questions I had either on the phone or via e-mail. Everything was done in an efficient manner, for example, one week before our placement was due to begin in Hanoi there were serious floods so we were unsure what was the best route to take, we were offered the chance to complete our month of volunteer work in Saigon instead (which we decided to do) and this was organised within 24 hours.
I believe it was good value for money and we were provided (In the dorm accommodation) with a comfortable living area, meals and a great social experience. We were also given the opportunity to have two Vietnamese lessons per week (optional) by a local vietnamese volunteer, this was great and came in handy at the orphanage and in daily life (i.e- the markets, shopping etc).
The orphanage program was great, and the kids were beautiful. I worked in three orphanages (2 with disabled children and one with children who had HIV, one of the disabled orphanages also had "babies rooms" where we fed and played with babies who had been abandoned but were not disabled).
The local staff in Vietnam were lovely and a pleasure to work with.
Overall a great experience, and I would recommend this program to others in the future.



I'm thinking of signing up for this particular program. I was wondering if you went into it with any particular expertise or experience thats useful for working with the children? I'd love to get as involved as possible but I don't have really any experience in medicine or health. Just want to make sure there's something for me to contribute, don't want to be a waste of space!