I was so glad to find reviews of GC that were not all positive. On their website it only has positive reviews and I asked them if that was why my evaluation was not posted and they avoided the question...go figure! So I am happy to post my review here! I went to Kenya in Oct. 08 and stayed with the host family which is the coordinator for Kenya. It is a very nice house with other volunteers which I found to be helpful to have other people around. The house itself was very nice but there were some things that bothered me. One, that we did not have a key and so we had to wait if nobody was home. Two, that the food was served in "bulk" fashion meaning that we ate pretty much the same food every morning and evening with one different ingredient added each time. Until I went to the grocery store I thought that was the only food available and then I realized that it was not. There was no food during the day so if you were at the house you had nothing to eat; so we all wondered, where is the freakin food. It was locked up somewhere. I don't appreciate paying $1400usd and having food rationed out to me! Also, toilet paper was locked up too so if you ran out in the middle of the night you were s.o.l. Luckily, I brought my own stash! We were told what time we needed to be home and told we could not drink alcohol in the house. The family had a little girl so I could understand not having a beer in front of her and they were very religious but not being able to drink in the privacy of my own room....not cool! I feel the money I paid went to the upkeep of the very nice (in Kenyan standards) house and salaries. The positive part of my experience was the orphanage and safari. I was placed at the House of Mercy orphanage and my time there was truely amazing. Rose, the director, is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Her orphanage is a true testiment to what one person can do to change lives. It is run on donations and when I realized that none of my money went to the orphanage I was furious, the coordinator gave me 100ksh (which is nothing) to give to her and I assume that was to feed me lunch for the 2 weeks I was there. Ridiculous!!!! My daily routine involved helping in the classroom with daily assignments, playing games with the children and assisting the teachers with anything they needed. Learning a bit of Swahili would have been helpful since the younger ones don't speak much English. I am starting a foundation to educate the older children since high school education is not free and there is not enough money to send them to school. Basic education means everything to these children and it will keep them out of the streets. If you are interested in volunteering there please let me know and I can set it up for you, it is much cheaper to stay in a local hotel in Nairobi and that way some company's pockets are not lined with your hard earned money! I will be returning in May to check on the orphanage and to set up some things with the foundation. The safari was amazing. I did find out that I overpaid tremendously by having it included in my fee. You can bargain with the many safari companies for a better price. Just do some research before you go to see which companies are reputable and then go see them when you get there. The price on the website for a 4day/3night booked through GC is $700.00. You can get it for less that $100 a day if you negotiate it when you get to Kenya. Duh....I know now! So anyway, in conclusion, if you want to volunteer and visit Kenya it is an amazing experience. If you want to do it cheaper and put a little effort into planning you can do it yourself, I will give you some pointers. If you want everything planned for you and to line someones pockets then use Global Crossroad! Please, please contact me with any questions. and put Kenya or GC in the subject line! Thanks!



I believe, global crossroad runs excellent program you will never get any secure host family and project unless someone find it for you
I don't have do anything with this person but the information he stated is most exagerated. It may be true that he didn't receive the whole experience he expected but it is true that this guy is trying defame Global Crossroad. I also joined Global Crossroad program in exactly same project where he volunteered. The director told me that Global Crossroad paid them full and we supported orphans. He was very glad but never complained about the organization. I stay in Nairobi for 3 days and tried to fined the most cheapest hotel and I found a hotel near to Kibera slum which was 50 USD per night which is even to comperable to Global Crossroad home base. I really don't why he is insulting Global Crossroad but 100% recomend everyone to join Global Crossroad because their homebase is most secure and projects are incredible.
People, people, these are comments about each individuals experience. Everyone has different opinions and we are aloud to voice them. I did not have a horrible experience by any means. Here are some things I do have to say. There was a couple on my safari that paid 100usd a day and it was the same company so that is why I mentioned that and on the GC crossroad website it said that you could add a safari for $700, just saying. I spoke directly to the director of the orphanage recently and they do not receive any money from GC, not saying that others don't but this one in particular does not. I was under the impression that it was a hostel and not someones "house" so that is something I had to deal with and I was just putting it out there. Again, these are just people's impressions and we are entitled to say what we want and people can base there decisions on that. Whether you use GC or another site to book your trip there can always be issues; I am sure we all are a aware of that before we go right :-)
I hope I'm not too late! Please do NOT send your son on this trip if you want him to have a great and worthwhile experience. Upon arrival, several volunteers found out that no HIV awareness program even existed! Prior to my departure, I would ask GC specific questions and only received a vague answer. Much to my disappointment, I later realized that the answers were vague for a reason - they didn't have an answer. GC did not even know where I was sleeping until 11pm the night I arrived. They tried changing my project on a number of occasions. Several volunteers were expected to stay at a hotel (and pay it at their own expense) because the hostel was overcrowded. Lastly, there were more volunteers than not that did not have a project or were asked to do something completely different than what they had planned. I wish you the best in finding a good program...I'm still looking myself since my experience with GC was a disaster!! GOOD LUCK:)
First, thanks for your false infomration. Global Crossroad never charged 700.00 for 4days/3nights safari. I have just finish program with them, why you are exagerating. Please let me know the comapny name who offer you safari in USD 100.00 perday. Do you recomend the most illegimate company to our fellow citizen and rub them in the middle of safari rediculus!!Give me the name of hostel which is equivalant and secure like Global Crossroad hostel, do you recomend them to go and stay near to Kibera slam, be careful this guy this guy has picked up some negetive attitude about this organization. I think, this guy didn't read all information, what is included and what is not inculded in the program. if you choose what he says you will end up paying USD 50.00 to taxi every day and most dengerous if you don't have support from local. You may have travelled developing countries nothing is cheaper as he described and nothing is easy as he says. his evaluation is very poor and ill intended
Thank-you for your comment. I am the father of a 16 year old son. My son wants to do volunteer work in Africa and is attracted to this program for the orphanage /HIV awareness. My concern is supervision and appropriateness for a 16 year old and is the program geared more for 18 plus. I understand weekends are on your own as well as nights. My son doesn't want a "fluff" program with "privileged" kids on a glorified summer vacation. I, as his parent would also like him to have a cultural experience including some travel as long as he is traveling so far. Otherwise I could send him to Camden NJ for volunteer work. thanks, Andy