Global Crossroad... absolutely the most deceptive and morally corrupt program i have ever worked with. I travelled as a junior in college, my first visit to a developing country... what a mistake to go with GC! We were consistently lied to and misled by the american coordinators. our in-country personnel tried their best with what little resources they were provided by the american coordinators. our host family was the only redeeming factor of the trip, no thanks to GC. we had received information weeks before our departure on a family that we were told would be hosting us. to our surprise, we discovered upon arrival that this family did not exist and was merely a template they sent out to any of their volunteers. dispicable! our real host family had not been recruited until 2 days before our arrival. Another girl volunteering while there had asked to be put in an environmental program. later she discovered they had placed her in a logging company! The ghanaians we were worked with were very receptive and helpful, but there is absolutely no excuse for the behavior of the american coordinators! Please, please, please avoid this company at all costs!!!

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They probably don't put a name because they don't want the company knowing who it is who posted a bad review about them. Do YOU work for GC?
why most negetive posting have no name (always anonymous? why you hide name? wonder if this is the work of the same guy