I chose this program because I wanted to study abroad but I didn't know where I wanted to go for a whole semester. When a stranger (who turned into a good friend) told me about the program , showed pictures, told his animated and almost unbelieveable stories, and said that every dollar is worth it, I decided to go! This program is perfect for the student who isn't a skilled traveler, as they offer a broad spectrum of trips that are led by different faculty. It is also perfect for the student who is ready to jump out of their comfort zone and travel independently, as you are free to roam the country as long as you make it back by the "On ship time" before the ship leaves the port.
The community on the ship is full of all different kind of people which really adds to your experience.
The classes on the ship are most often led by great professors that are very knowledgeable about their subject. I found that the teachers on the ship are the most approachable college professors around. They love to help, and understand the rigors of academic life while traveling abroad.
I would definitely recommend this trip to most people.
From textbook to real life, you are able to apply your knowledge and see it for yourself.
Classes: Women Studies
Experience: Seeing the gender imbalance in India, poor families only have male children.
Global Studies
Experience: After learning about South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and the Apartheid, I was able to visit the townships and Robben Island!
Weather, Climate, & Society
Experience: Studied climate change and the role of different countries as well as about the different environments we were visiting.



I just recently studied abroad in Cape Town, and met some cool semester at sea students while abroad.