I didn't know it at the time I signed up and paid for the trip, but I guess ELI was simply a middleman to a separate entity in Costa Rica. They basically just sent me to "Amistad Institute" who handled everything. I was a little upset that there would be no representatives of ELI there, but it turned out not to be that bad. I guess this was the first year ELI worked with Amistad, and from what I heard from other students, this might also be the last. It would have been nice not to be part of the "test group" lol.



im in the ELI program in Costa Rica. My email is merrilymary@gmail. I can tell you a little more about the program if you email me.
my son is also hoping to go on a trip organized by ELI, and I"m worried about whether or not he will have support once there. What particular problems did you encounter?
Hi, I am also considering volunteering volunteering with ELI this summer in a medical internship and have some concerns about the reliability of the company. Just wondering if you would be able to share your experience with me regarding this...Did they take care of you while you were there? Thanks in advance, Jennie (
I'm applying to ELI and wondering if I could speak to you regarding your experience. Please email me at if interested. I would love to hear your experience- I have concerns that they will not take care of me which sounds like you experienced. Thanks!