I couldn't find a place to begin, except to say that this program was awful.
The in-country organization was hardly supportive-- when throwing up for three days straight, they offered to drop me off at the hospital and provided no support beyond this.
Placement was terrible-- there was an extreme lack of attention to community need; rather we were merely thrown at a place. For example, where I was was actually using volunteers from the community to complete the tasks I thought I'd be doing. I was bored, frustrated and of course, GVN was impossible to contact. The 24/7 emergency line was never available, my host sister stole from me and I went home two weeks early and spent 4 days in a hospital at home.
GVN ignored largely any requests for evaluation of my experience and only upon threatened legal action did they partially refund the administrative fee.
MISERABLE experience.



I cant beleive how many bad experiences we have had because of GVN... I had a nightmare month in El-Shaddai Hope centre where the owners were abusive and corrupt.... I was forced physically to leave the children and ended my stay two months earlier... I asked GVN to investigate and also suggested they had mis-represented my use there.... I had nothng to do as ALL the kids were sent away six days a week.... I would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in bringing about a class action suit against GVN.... this is the only way to get real help to the people of Kenya. As for VICDA , they too have there hand out and Irene and John admitted Stephen was a liar and didnt do the best for the kids... GVN responded to me by saying they accepted the story by The Owner and all was fine !!!! GGVN are simply making money out of others misery.... cheers p.s. If I win the return of my volunteer fees and the extra flights home I intend returning to Kenya (un aided) and distributing food to the kids any one interested ?