I volunteered with Projects Abroad on their Environmental Conservation project in Thailand for almost 1 month. There are almost no words to describe how incredible that trip was... I have no complaints in any way about the location, the project, the staff or accommodations. While I was there I was certified by the PA staff with my Open Water Diver Certification for scuba diving. We had three dive days a week, and did two dives each of those days (6 dives/week total). These dives were by FAR the most amazing part of the trip. On my very first day, as we were boating out to one of the dive sites I remember expressing my concern to the fellow volunteers and staff that I was worried I wouldn't see a fish when I was diving, and they just laughed! The second I jumped in the water I understood why... the marine life is absolutely incredible. Schools of vibrant fish swam by each second, along with other unique fish - including my favorite, a lion fish. Members of my group also had sea turtle and sting ray sightings. My dive instructor, Marius was fantastic, as well as the entire Projects Abroad staff! They always made me feel 100% comfortable at all times, in and out of the water! It felt amazing to be involved in such a fun, exciting project that also served a VERY important purpose. Our dives were crazy fun, but that wasn't the purpose of the dives - we did trash collection dives, coral reef surveys, and my favorite - fish identification. When we weren't diving I really enjoyed exploring the local culture and tourist spots with other volunteers, and even the staff occationally! Fantastic staff, fantastic country and project. I do not have enough amazing things to say about this adventure, and have and will always continue to recommend it to anyone looking to travel abroad with purpose.