Jungle Life in Costa Rica- One of the best experiences of my life, totally unforgettable!

This is the second project I have been on with Frontier and again it has been amazing. The support I received from the London head office before I left was great and the coordinator is lovely. She responded to all my questions promptly and with lots of detail to help me plan my trip and helped me to plan a smooth trip.
The project itself is amazing, it is really well organised and the staff are incredible, they are inspirational, knowledgeable and it is amazing to see people so dedicated to conservation, they have taught us all so much about ecology and conservation. This project has really clear aims and objectives and you can really understand why they are undertaking the studies and what positive impacts that they are aiming for with the wildlife and communities. The array of wildlife I have seen out here, both on surveys and just walking around is out of this world, there are monkeys everywhere, birds singing and flying around, lots of turtles that we get to study and help and so many mammals that they are studying as well.
The camp itself is lovely and there is such a friendly, communal feel and it feels like a big family. I have made friends for life here and will be so sad to leave. I only hope I can come back in a year or 2 to see what else they have achieved.