I arrived Jaipur with an open mind, and tried to have as few expectations as possible.
In the beginning of my stay everything was good. But the longer I stayed, the more I began to realize that there's something sketchy going on here.
Everyone working beneath Preney and Amita(the leaders) seems to be really scared of them, at least at Preney, and they don't seem to have a secure and safe working-contract.
Every time they entered the room people became quite, and walked around on their toes. And when we tried asking common everyday questions to one of the women working at the school she always asked us several times not to say anythinf to Preney and Amita, even though it was just normal things about her life, or about a holiday.

At the end of our stay we went out to meet a friend, and came back home 2 hours after the curfew. We sent a message to let them know we'd be late, but when we arrived back home they threatened to not let us back in, saying we should get a hotel. They also claimed they had been so worried, even though none of them had even tried to call our phones. The day after we went down to talk to Preney about it. He acted like a stubborn teenager and refused to discuss it and try to sort it out. We got thrown out, and had to leave the same day.

Earlier in the program there were to Indian men volunteering, they came back at the same time several times, but no one said a word to them.

I just hate that I put my money into this program, when seeing that most of the money don't even go to the volunteering programs, but directly into the leaders pockets.

I would not come here again, and I would not recommend it to anyone else either. I reckon you can find much better.



Thank you for submitting such a long review, which also happens to be our first Negative feedback since 2004. Here we would like to point out to the readers that Egreenwood and two other volunteers had been terminated from the Program due to noncompliance of organization rules and safety requirements. The Current Negative Review is in response to the above which has been fabricated and created by their own imagination. Please also note the following points: 1. Safety of the volunteer is our Primary objective. India being a mix of many cultures, religions, faiths and regional diversity Requires discretion on the part of the volunteers and they are required to adhere to the rules laid down for their own benefits, including house timings. 2. If 90% volunteers left unhappy from our organization then your Negative review would not have been the first one. 3. Running and Handling an organization such as this for over 10 years is not a Child's play and not every 20 year old has the experience or intellect to understand the complexity and the effort that is required to balance human and other resources. 4. Organization funds: Kindly note that no volunteer/health/childcare/Other organization in the world can survive without creating revenue for its future development and sustainability. We are not funded by the Govt. of India, neither we get any grants or special privileges. We have to develop and create our own resources in order to fulfil our commitment to help the underprivileged. Be it Land and building, Human resources, Transportation or Technical infrastructure. 5. Please note Macs, laptops, iphones, mobile phones are not status symbols, they are necessities. Be known that Apple has created a technical ecosystem that works best with its owned manufactured products. Surprising you found it wrong on our part making use of good technology for office work. And yes we have multiple parental homes and ancestral properties which is "none of your business" to get involved in and our personal matters. We Respect all Volunteers and seek the same Respect for ourselves to continue our efforts for creating a better environment for the underprivileged. Thank You.
I had a very similar experience to you except I did 4 weeks in the orphanage program. The majority of the volunteers who worked in other programs often shared how the staff seemed very intimidated by Pranay and I had first hand experience of feeling intimidated with him raising his voice and becoming very angry. My friends and I tried very hard to negotiate the curfew as we had plans to travel a little further (without using their expensive travel programs - which may have been why they were so inflexible with us). We planned to arrive back monday morning thinkng there wouldn't be any safety concerns as it would not be night. Without any rational explanation this idea was completely banned. My friends and I decided to go anyway and as a consequence were banned from volunteering for a week. I accept that there was a consequence as we went against their wishes, however instead of punishing us they punished the children who had to go a week without any one looking out for their welfare. It was heartbreaking.