Before coming to Fiji communication with London HQ was slightly challenging as responses were very slow. Some specifics were also sent rather late, and as i was already in New Zealand there was very little I could do to make adjustments. On arriving in Fiji the entire process of getting to Beqa Island was smoother and easier than i could have imagined thanks to Brittany's guidance. On arriving, whilst the camp was further from the beach than expected, I immediately felt welcome and everyone was very welcoming. The food was better than expected and the diving so spectacular. My confidence in the water has grown immensely along with my love for the ocean. There have been some frustrating days due to rain, and the amount of free time was definitely not clearly shown in advertising. There has also been some confusion over where exactly money goes, and also as to the exact scientific direction of the project, but the awesome staff Allie and Julia have done their best to clear these issues up. Overall an amazing experience if you love the sea and are after some isolation.



Dear Steve, It is a shame that it rained quite a bit in Fiji whilst you were there, they have been having some unusual rains over the last couple of months but we are now getting much more sun! This project has undergone some exciting new developments over the last 4-5 months as we have refocused our scientific direction to increase our impact on the local ecosystems and communities. Our activities have increased 10 fold, with volunteers involved in studies on coral nurseries, habitat mapping, snorkel surveys, invasive species removal, mangrove studies, shark studies, more focus on commercial species and education sessions within the community, we have also increased non research activities to involve lots of interaction and activities with the local community and extra ways to increase your dive skills. We now have that excellent balance of being on the go and time to relax in the sun! Best Wishes, Jenna Griffiths