I was lucky enough to volunteer in Ghana for 3 weeks. I was involved in the turquoise programme (medical), which also allowed me to help with the children at the orphanage we stayed at. My trip to ghana was one that can only be described as amazing. I learnt so much about the amazing culture that ghana has, each day I learnt something from the people and children I was involved with. The ivhq staff were an amazing support and teaching aid ( they helped teach us some ghanian words....Awkwaba), Mr Seth who runs the orphanage is an unbelievable man than shows only greatness for what can be achieved when able to. This experience has only left me wanting to do more for people and enabled me to know I can do so. While I was there I was involved in a local clinic, it was there we were able to work with the Chief, maternity unit and general concerns such as malaria and sickness. The staff there were lovely, couldn't do more to make us feel welcome and show us the way in which they work. With working with Mr Seth and the local clinic we were able to achieve a free screening clinic for children for malaria, this was truely an amazing experience to be involved in. The turquoise programme also allows us to work with an orphanage known as Beckys House. The children there are children that have left a print on my heart and will never be forgotten. From teaching me how to dance Azonto style, to the way they cook there food. The children there have the biggest hearts that only make you open your heart more. My time in ghana was one that was truely great and has left me wanting to return, the turquoise programme is an amazing programme to be involved in.



Thanks for sharing your experience volunteering in Ghana with IVHQ. It’s great to read that you felt looked after and welcomed by our local time and placement staff. Your time in Ghana sounds truly special and we hope to see you on another IVHQ program soon.