I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer in Ghana over the summer through IVHQ. I was on this mission for a total of 4 months and simply put..this was the absolute BEST experience of my life! I had never before traveled on my own and was paranoid about what challenges I would have to face. Honestly, right from the airport pickup (from my amazing coordinator Evans Kojo Nkansah) I was comforted and all my needs/wants were met. My coordinator was so friendly with me that I never felt home sick even once throughout my trip. The staff members has a really good way to deal with problems and I could always trust me secrets would remain secrets. Not was Evans just such an amazing boss but he also became a very good friend of mine. There were times I faced challenges but IVHQ staff members were there 24/7 to support me and this allowed me to overcome any obstacle. The experience was actually a lot more rewarding than I thought it would be. It has changed my entire life, no exaggeration. I would recommend this program to anyone looking at doing a volunteer program! IF it still hasn't convinced you ... I'm going back in a few months again to this same program :)



It’s great to read about your experience and we look forward to following your progress on your next volunteer trip in Ghana in a few months. Thank you for volunteering with IVHQ and for sharing your experience.