Having recently returned from a trip to Ghana with IVHQ I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the experience with anyone wishing to get a personal viewpoint on the entire experience.
Arriving in Ghana I was exhausted and nervous but my nerves were calmed immediately when I found IVHQ Ghana staff member, Benedict, waiting for me exactly where I was told he would be. Benedict was pleasant and greeted me warmly, asking about my flights and how I was feeling about being in Ghana. Upon arriving at the volunteer house in Accra I was greeted by the remaining IVHQ Ghana staff members and other volunteers – both new and old who helped calm any remaining nerves about what I was about to experience. The first day was orientation held by Benedict, who very professionally taught us the basics of what we needed to know and some of the local language; Benedict answered any and all questions that we had about the trip and shortly after we met with our program coordinators who were to take us out to our placements. Being placed at the Turquoise program my coordinator was Gideon.
Gideon was friendly and welcoming right from introductions; he advised that if we had any issues or needed any help we were always welcome to contact him for help. Throughout my entire placement at Turquoise Gideon followed through on that promise with weekly visits to our placement, always asking each of us how we were going and if there was anything he could do help if we needed something.

Upon arriving at my placement I was greeted by all the children screaming with excitement which was overwhelming at first but their excitement was infectious - never have I had so many children wanting to know my name, wanting a cuddle or wanting to ask me a million different questions! Met at the home by Seth and his wife Vivienne who run Beckys Home, I was immediately welcomed the family and made to feel extremely comfortable. I could tell that the month I was about to spend with these people was going to be a very happy one. Never have I met more genuine people than Seth and Vivienne. Seth genuinely cared about all of the volunteers and thought of us as family, he checked in with each of us every morning – asked how we were going and if we had slept well. If we ever needed anything Seth was always helpful and he always expressed how happy he was with us for organising activities for the children. Not only did I become a part of the Becky’s Home family but I have made life long friends with the other volunteers who I shared the experience with – within days we were all great friends, travelled together on weekends and shared hundreds of new experiences together, memories that I will always treasure.

I cannot find the words to express how much I fell in love with the children at Becky’s Home. Each and every morning we were greeted by children running to get the first cuddle, all of them happy to see us. Our days were filled with laughter; we played so many games – both ones we taught them and ones they taught us. Weekly trips to the beach and an endless supply of cuddles; your arms will never be empty when you’re around these kids. So much so that when I was on my way home of an evening I experienced phantom weight – my limbs expecting there to be a child hanging off somewhere! Each and every one of the children are so uniquely individual, getting to know them was amazing. The older children are always happy to help with the younger children and always willing to help you with anything you might need.

I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of the Becky’s Home family - a network made up of the other volunteers, Seth, Vivienne, their children and the children living at the home; to this day I still consider them family after the wonderful time we spent together and will continue to do so until I can return.

Travelling to Ghana with IVHQ was the greatest decision I have ever made.
I went to Ghana expecting to help change some lives but in truth the experience changed mine. I miss it and the children every single day; I am working on getting back to Ghana to visit as soon as I can and I will be doing so through IVHQ Ghana as their professionalism and friendliness is unparalleled by any other company.



Hi Claire, It is great to read about your experience volunteering abroad in Ghana. It is great to hear that your time as a volunteer in Ghana was such a rewarding experience. We hope to have your volunteer with us again in the future. Thank you for volunteering with IVHQ.