Hi, my name is Whitley de Luna, I've been on the teaching project for Frontier Fiji for 3 weeks. The part I disliked about the teaching was that my teacher wasn't very helpful. She wouldn't give me any teaching materials and just didn't show up for class. So I was stuck trying to improvise on my own. I only taught one lesson in the two weeks I was in that class. Ria did switch me to a new class on my 3rd week, but then I ended up in the hospital due to food poisoning. Ria is a very amazing staff member. Her support and helpfulness was very appreciated. She brought me to the hospital twice due to tropical infections. I didn't really talk to Rowena. I only seen her at the airport when we arrived, one time after that, and then her going away kava ceremony. The homestay was very amazing. I felt very welcomed and apart of their family. They really made my stay here enjoyable.



Hi Whitney, Thanks for taking the time to write this review. We are very happy to hear there were a lot of great elements to your project with Frontier, such as the wonderful home stay families and our hard working field team. We certainly agree with your comment that Ria is amazing! Unfortunately, working within the education systems of developing countries does come with its own difficulties such as those you experienced although this is a perfect example of why dedicated and hard working volunteers like yourself are so valuable. We also hope the fact that Ria reacted as soon as she was made aware of these concerns demonstrates our commitment to reducing the impact of such difficulties as best possible. It was a shame you only had the opportunity to experience these changes for one day before your unfortunate illness and that this cut your time on the project short as we know you were a valuable asset to the project and will be missed. Thank you again for your feedback and we would welcome any further insight you may be able to provide as we are always keen to develop and improve our projects. If you do have anything else you would like to share with us, please feel free to email your Volunteer Coordinator directly. Best wishes, The Frontier Team.