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The "NGO" that Love Volunteers works with in Tanzania is a total scam. The man that runs it gave me and 3 other volunteers at the time (and to countless others before us) fraudulent visas and lied to us on several occasions. He was also extremely rude, aggressive, and made our stay at the hostel quite uncomfortable.
The work that they do in the community is not at all meaningful or impactful. The director himself said that the schools and orphanages don't care about the projects. Volunteers are often told to do gardening work at a school or orphanage, where as soon as they leave the work falls into disrepair and the NGO does no following up and will simply wait until another volunteer shows up and then send them off to do the same project over again.
The director of the NGO spends his time running the hostel and arranging safaris for guests, and takes on volunteers so he has money coming into the hostel. He sends them off to schools or orphanages and isn't concerned with the work they're doing.
I absolutely would not recommend this program or any others with Love Volunteers. After I, along with the other volunteers went to them to explain everything that had happened, particularly the scam with the volunteer visas, they said they were "investigating" it, but ultimately let this guy get away with it all and continue scamming and abusing foreigners' goodwill. They continue to send him volunteers. Love Volunteers does not truly care if you are making an impact abroad. The bottom line is this: if Love Volunteers allows their Tanzania program partner to engage in corruption and fraud, and turns the other cheek to their mistreatment of program participants, none of their other programs can be trusted to do any better. Absolutely don't even consider volunteering with them.

Posted: April 25, 2016