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This past summer I did the 2 week college vet program through Loop Abroad. It was the best experience of my life! I was highly impressed that they had vets that were there just to teach students. Usually as a student I have gotten to follow a vet around and try to learn as I frantically try not to get in the way. With Loop Abroad we all have a checklist of skills we have to master such as drawing blood, placing IV catheters, and even assisting in surgery, I felt like I was really making a difference in the lives of these animals.. The vets had classroom sessions with us, which I initially though were going to be a bore but in the end they were fun and exciting and really helped me get the most out of my experience. Working with elephants was definitely the highlight of my trip with them, and I'm even thinking of doing their semester program next year since I can get credit through my school for it. It is a bit pricey and unless you make your own group of 8, you are stuck with people you may not necessary mesh well with. This being said I did make life long friends and learned so much I feel like I'm a step ahead of the other pre-vet students and have a leg up when it comes to applying to vet school.

Posted: November 12, 2016