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I wanted to volunteer abroad and I came across Concordia's website offering a variety of volunteering programmes with low cost fees, so it was affordable for me as a student!! I then had the trouble of actually picking which country I wanted to go to, there were so much choice, I eventually chose Taiwan, I was nervous at first as this was my first time abroad - not knowing anyone, not speaking the language, travelling by myself, do I have enough money? How do I get to the meeting point? But Concordia reassured and prepared me enough for me to feel comfortable about going! Both the training and the helpful, friendly Concordia team have been amazing, making sure I have everything with me, giving me instructions and directions on how to get to the meeting point, what to expect, asking me how the experience was after I finished, constantly taking care of you all the way!!

Once I got to Taiwan, the staff there were so welcoming and lovely, they treated you with so much respect and cared for you, I had the best 2 weeks there!

If I hadn't volunteered with Concordia I wouldn't have made international friends for life or had the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn't necessarily do. Challenge yourself, learn new skills, meet lovely people and just go for it! Now, I love volunteering and Concordia has given me that passion!

Program: Volunteer Abroad
Location: Taiwan, Tajikstan, Tanzania, Thailand
Posted: Apr 16, 2015
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