iSpiice (Integrated Social Programmes in Indian Child Education)

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I've now worked for iSpiice for a month. I've really enjoyed the whole experience, from the welcome we had from the team, to the overall organisation and volunteering projects, without forgetting the constant support we received whenever we needed it. iSpiice is a humanitarian organisation which really focuses on improving the lives of families, especially women and children in rural areas and slums.

The days were quite full but never dull, and were generally divided between several projects, depending on the time of year and needs of the community. I worked, alongside other volunteers and the iSpiice team, in a day care centre, and helped renovate another one. Evevry day the afternoon finished with my favourite part, and possibly one I believe to be of the most important aspect of the organisation: teaching children in the slums. Without education, the lives of these children would be doomed, and iSpiice supports the children by providing exactly this, as well as sponsoring them to go to school, and by providing school kits and clothes.

The iSpiice team is fantastic and totally dedicated. They work tirelessly for the community while looking after the volunteers on a daily basis, from answering patiently all of hour questions, to driving us to the various project locations, cooking us yummy meals, and even organising weekend trips to visit the area and help us make the most of our trip. The volunteer house is really comfortable and situated at the foothill of the Himalayan range, in the most gorgeous location.

I know a lot of people worry about the cost of volunteering for an organisation. I have now worked for a few and this one is 100% genuine. The way they use the money is absolutely transparent and our fee covers our food, board, transport from and to the airport and any visits we choose to do. Every other penny left goes to the children in the slums, may it be for school equipment, food, clothes, vaccinations and generally helps with implementing the community programmes set up.

I recommend iSpiice with all my heart, you will have a heart-warming human experience and built some friendships that will last you a lifetime.. as well as help improve people's lives.

Posted: March 17, 2014
By: lmitton