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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the trusted volunteer organization, providing safe, quality and extremely affordable volunteering placements in countries all over the world. Each year they place over 5000 volunteers abroad and have a wide range of volunteering opportunities in Argentina, Bali, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Colombia - Bogota and Cartagena, Costa Rica, Ecuador, FijiGhana, Guatemala, India - Delhi & DharamsalaItalyPortugal, Spain, New ZealandKenya , Laos, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Peru - Cusco & Lima, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, ThailandRomaniaUganda, Victoria Falls, Vietnam - Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City and Zambia.

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PROS: met amazing people, changed my perspective on things, sweetest children at the orphanages, great food, house was in a decent location, neighborhood felt safe, neighboring locals knew there were foreingers in house and were friendly, nightlife, very cheap prices compared to other programs, had a lot of time to travel, flexible, had internet in house, washing machine...
CONS: airport pick-up came late, staff introductions were bad, disorganized, did not enforce rules, cold showers, staff seemed random and untrained, new program so they're still learning, a lot of miscommunication, didn't get bus pass badges - got bus passes - so we didn't need passport photos, some volunteer sites took over an hour to reach, no structure at teaching english sites, didn't tell you what to do at orphanage sites, just let you on your own...
All in all, I had a great time. You'll have expectations every where you go and might get disappointed here and there... but that's normal on any trip you go to. The culture is different and it's all a learning experience.
I lived in a great house, had a bed, had free lunch and dinner, free bus passes, had weekends to myself - had a good time. :)

Posted: October 1, 2008
By: Anonymous


thanks for your feedback. My daughter will be going to Viet Nam soon and I appreciate your information. Did you have an issues with general safety? And, in particular, any food safety issures?
Thanks for your pros and cons, I always like seeing both of them, would you do this group agaon if you had the chance, I'm looking at going to Ghana Africa, it seem that structure is lacking but I could see in a 3rd would contry this could happen, do you think it was the groups lack of structure or the overall way things where done in that country? Thanks, Greg
Why would I fabricate the information? I'm just trying to be helpful. BUT I should have included that most the pros and cons I listed are geared toward my experience in Vietnam and with the Volunteers for Peace in Vietnam (VPV), the group IVHQ set me up with.
Yes I have and the health program was outstanding. IVHQ have outstanding programs..... ignore any bad feedback, I heard one as well (on a forum on the net before I left) but it was completely false. It appears even this person had a completely different experience to myself and the others that went OR the feedback was fabricated which is my guess.
hello, has anyone volunteered in Nepal with IVHQ? maybe the Health Care programme? i herad some bad stories...