IHF Bali Rocks

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IHF Bali Rocks

Many people make list of resolution to complete as New Year approaches. As for me, this year, I decided to incite the volunteerism in me. Having living as expatriate in other country for seven years, I thought it would be the right time to go back home, Indonesia to make contribution to my countrymen. In this place, where education only belongs to the privilege few, it’s amazing to have NGO like IHF which gather people from all over the world for an eye-opening experience. I teach English and Computer class in Bali Centre, play with the children, do project on Saturdays, build friendship with fellow volunteers, learn how IHF operates and travel the whole Bali Island. While it may seem that I have given out a lot, but as a matter of fact, I received much more. It’s a good feeling to see the kids nodding their heads because they understand what you teach them or smiling and laughing of your funny face expression. At the end of the day, you realize that not only you have made a difference in their lives, but also the other way around, they have helped you to grow as a person. With this trip checked off the bucket list, I am so glad that I collected some courage to buy the plane ticket and fly over. I can’t wait to come back for many more great adventures with IHF!