Has anyone volunteered in Brazil and can shed some light for me.

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Has anyone volunteered in Brazil and can shed some light for me.

Hi all,

Looking at volunteering in Brazil at some poiint in the very near future however it owuld be great if there was someone out there that could shed some light for me with their experience.

Would love to hear about someones experience over there.


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Volunteering in Brazil

Hi Chrissy,
if you are thinking of volunteering in Brazil, try a local organization like Iko Poran.
Iko POran is a non-profit organization recognized as a Public Interest Organization by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.
You should always look for local organization based in developing countris. Most of other providers are mainly profit-oriented traveling companies based in First World nations. Iko Poran works directly with local partner organizations, there is no registration/ travel agency in between you and the project. Chck that almost all the other organizations are travel agencies that claim to be the biggest, the better, the most affordable, etc, etc, etc...But, bolunteering is not about this, volunteering comes from the heart. And only locals who are concerned about the locals, can speak from the heart.
I hope this can help you.
Best wishes,

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I'm also looking for some
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