Hangzhou - Best Kept Secret For China Foreign Teaching Jobs?

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Hangzhou - Best Kept Secret For China Foreign Teaching Jobs?

For those of you that choose to work abroad in China as a teacher or in any profession, I suggest you bypass the over-priced smog centers of China (Beijing & Shanghai) and take a bullet train ride to the pearl of China - the water-front city of Hangzhou. 2000 expat foreign teachers just rated it "The best Chinese city to live, work, and play". Why?

Well for starters it is one of the cleanest cities in China with modern city comforts and a beautiful white sand beach, and people that are sincerely friendly - not out to con you or use you for some agenda. The cost of living is half that of Beijing and Shanghai, and within a 1 hour drive of Hangzhou, you have 18 historical tourist cites and Shanghai nightlife.

This video gives you a quick tour of what may be China's best kept secret.


Here are some great photos of Hangzhou and a blog about why foreigners find it so "comfortable"...