Great time in Bali

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luo huizhong
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Great time in Bali

I am Luo Huizhong who is a volunteer working in the Bali center for IHF right now. I am a Grade 1 student from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and i noticed IHF during the second semester. I really want to be a volunteer to help kids all over the world after my friends recommended. I think being a international volunteer is very good to gain colorful teenage life and it is a extremely meaningful work for me and kids. As a result, i am working in Bali and International Humanity Foundation is a good organization as the information online.We have our meals cooked by a local nice lady and the food is good. Sometimes teaching SD students is a little hard but it is also good experience as well. While junior and senior students behave well during the classes. When it comes to Saturdays, we have some interesting special project, such as, making bracelets, paper cut and cleaning the center.
Sometimes we play with children in their spare time. For example, we just organized a small party for Indonesia Independence Day in the center and all the children had a really great time! We are very glad to see the smiling faces on them. I am happy to see them gain knowledge and happiness here. Thanks IHF for this opportunity. It will be best experience forever! Above all, i am very proud to be an IHF volunteer!