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My trip was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was picked up and dropped off from the airport by GoEco as promised, and a taxi was waiting for me after my travel to the sea turtle conservation site. The week in San Jose taking Spanish classes was really helpful! And my host family was wonderful. I was given emergency contact numbers by GoEco and actually had to use one- the man who provided support was very helpful and nice.

The only downside of my trip was the resources at the Pacific-side sea turtle conservation site. I think GoEco needs to look into this location more closely. We faced locals who didn't want us collecting the eggs and were locked out of food and water during and after our nightly patrols almost every night (as you can imagine, a four hour walk on a Costa Rican beach gets your pretty thirsty). Though I paid for food for three weeks, lunch and dinner most days were small. As we were doing physical work all day, I often left from meals hungry and was told no more food would be provided. I was very disappointed with the service provided by the ranger. There was an active hornet's nest at the base of my bunk and he refused to give me any products or do anything about it. There was a large nail sticking out of another volunteer's bunk, which he cut his ankle on. The volunteer's cabin floor was covered in blood as it was a thick cut. The ranger offered the injured volunteer milk....and no medical attention. I broke out with a severe allergic reaction to vines the volunteers were asked to remove. I repeatedly tried to gain Internet access (from the ranger, the biologist, or the student staff) to search the reaction and treatments options. I was refused access for three days, all the while terrified the reaction would get worse as I was hours from any hospital. I understand that the ranger's actions weren't the fault of GoEco, but they should review their locations more closely for the safety of their volunteers.

Posted: June 23, 2015
By: Lindsay