Gi2c China Job & Internship Scam Refuses To Answer 21 Simple Questions...

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Gi2c China Job & Internship Scam Refuses To Answer 21 Simple Questions...

I copied and pasted this from the August/2017 edition of China Scam Patrol's newsletter which I think shines a spotlight on this scam threat called Gi2C...


Usually, when a company is falsely accused of a scam they will be angry and quick to prove that they are not. But in the case of Gi2c and Laowai Career Center in China, both owned and operated by a Russian named Yuri, there is only prolonged silence for six months (and counting) after the allegations began that they are a China job fraud by over 60 users at these web sites where their comments are easily searched:

At the bottom of this post we have listed some of these links for your convenience so there is no doubt about the accusations and you can read the horror stories posted by those claiming to be victims and others who worked for Gi2C in the past.

But getting back to these unanswered questions... If these two companies are truly legitimate, then I must ask Yuri why you cannot publicly answer these questions and prove yourself to be legit and in full compliance with the law.

(1) What is your SAIC business license number for all 4 of your companies including Gi2c & Laowai Career Center? Chinese law requires that you have these licensed hanging in the reception area of your offices, but when I visited there, I did not see any. When I asked the receptionist where it was, she said she never saw it neither.

(2) What is the taxpayer identification numbers of all 4 of your companies including Gi2C & Laowai Career Center? Legitimate companies pay taxes and have receipts to prove it. These receipts will have the name of your company and taxpayer ID number on it.

(3) Why did you tell your customer from France Winnie Maliko (and many others) to lie on her visa application or she would not be able to join your internship program? If you forget about Winnie you can read her comments at,, and in our 15-page investigation into your company here:

(4) Do you deny that your Chinese employee "Tommy" was arrested for selling black visas and 3 PSB agents snatched him right out of your office in the presence of 3 employee witnesses? This is his photo in case you can't remember "Tommy"

(5) Do you deny that your former webmaster from the UK Steve Brown resigned in protest after he discovered you were making up fake jobs and fabricating job descriptions that you instructed him to upload on to your Gi2C website?

(6) On your past and present websites you claimed to be "partners" with the world's top 500 universities yet when people ask you to name these universities you change the subject. Please list even 100 of these top 500 universities that are your "partners." Screenshots of your claims along with your photo and signature can be seen here... You listed these universities in your Getin2China brochure and when I contacted their International office most were angry and alarmed because they never heard of you!

(7) Why do you tell people that you can get them jobs and internships with Fortune 500 companies and MNCs (multi-national corporations) when you cannot and have not ever documented a single placement of any Gi2c or Laowai Career Center customer with a single Fortune 500 company in the last 7 years?

(8) What is your office address in Beijing in Hadian District (at Zhingguancun) where your call-center is located and your executive office is located? Why do you try to convince people that your main office is 1,000 miles away from Beijing in Hangzhou where you share a small office with a language company? Are you afraid angry customers will come looking for you to demand a refund?

(9) Why do you use 4 different companies to sell basically the same products and services? Why isn't one brand enough? Many people say that this is to fool people that these new companies are unrelated to the old ones that have so many complaints online. If this is not true, can we hear your explanation, please?
(The 4 alias copanies are Laowai Career Center, Gi2c, Getin2China, and WiseWay Global Education).

(10) Do you deny that you instructed your employees to forge and fabricate and/or "edit" invitation letters for your customers to fool the visa officials?

(11) Why did you tell three of your customers that they would work for Beijing's top FOREX firm FSI, but after they paid their money and arrived in Beijing, they did not work at FSI but sent to work at a tiny U.K. finance company called Montpellier which has a grand total of 12 employees. Andre D. from the UK claimed to be one of these bait and switch victims. Is he lying Yuri?

(12) Why don't you tell your customers that they will have 1-3 roommates that may or may not smoke or do drugs when they arrive in Beijing. Don't you think it is misleading to tell people "you will be given your own apartment for free in China" but you do not tell them that this is only for the first 30 days?

(13) Do you deny that you offered money to strangers and $500 discounts to customers to make testimonial videos for your companies as explained here?

(14) Do you deny that your sales employees were trained how to evade "problematic" questions about visa law and their real chances of getting the job they wanted, and why the terms and conditions on your web site are often edited and changed?

(15) Do you deny that you charged some people up-front fees as much as $3,799 and yet others paid nothing when you were being investigated and accused online?

(16) Do you deny or admit that you hired a hacker to delete/hide negative comments about your companies online by corrupting, or "redirecting" the links to those comments?

(17) Do you deny or admit that you were caught lying about having offices in London and all over the world? Here is the page that even gave VIRTUAL telephone numbers for all your "overseas offices"

(18) Do you deny or admit having call centers in Pakistan and the Philippines calling people and pretending they were calling "from the London office of Gi2c"?

(19) Why do your ads and sale people at Laowai Career Center claim the company is 10 years old when your website was created in 2014 according to

(20) Is it true or false that "almost 40% of our clients asked for refunds" according to one of your former employees?

(21) Do you deny or admit offering money to people at to delete negative comments about your companies but they refused your offer?

These are the questions that we ask you today Yuri. Of course, there are still 26 unanswered question people asked you back in 2014 that you completely avoided as well. Those questions can be found online at (scroll half way down to get to the 26 questions)

I see that you gave two different explanations back in 2014 about similar fraud accusations made against another one of your companies called Getin2China. Back then you first claimed that some "envious competitor" was smearing you (but you did not identify the competitor) and then you changed your mind and said it was a "disgruntled employee" (but you did not name the employee). It is now 3 years later and the allegations continue. What is your explanation today in 2017 Yuri? We are all ears - after you answer the above questions.

If you are legitimate as you claim, please answer these legitimate and valid questions many people are asking and they get frustrated when your salespeople keep changing the subject. We know, some of our volunteers pretended to be interested prospects and spoke with three of your "career counselors" (sales reps) recently. The conversations were "interesting" to say the least.

Before you answer Yuri, be sure to review these links below so you do not get caught in any embarrassing lies like when the police allegedly visited your offices last month:

And if you believe any of the above is not true, I invite you to sue China Scam Patrol for libel or slander Yuri. We know who and what you really are and no amount of smoke and mirrors will even confuse us for one second. So long as you continue to "mislead" uni grads, we will continue to warn them.